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Salicylaldehyde 97%

ProductSpecificationProductCode:JPP003CASNumber:90-02-8Formula:C7H6O2ECNumber:201-961-0HSCode:29124990MolecularWeight:122.12 StructureFormula:Appearance:Colorlessoilyliquid Odor:Almondodor MeltingPoin
Product description

Product Specification

Structure Formula:

Product Code: JPP003


CAS Number: 90-02-8


Formula: C7H6O2


EC Number: 201-961-0


HS Code: 29124990


Molecular Weight: 122.12


Appearance: Colorless oily liquid


Odor: Almond odor


Melting Point(℃): -7


Flashing Point(℃): 76


Boiling Point(℃): 197


Content: 97.0% MIN.


Relative Density: 1.17


Solubility(25℃): Dissolves in ethanol


Application: Use in analytically reagents, spice, gasoline additive and organic synthesis


Packaging: IBC tank, net weight 1000 kgs


Storage: Store in sealed tank in a cool, dry and ventilated area

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